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Mission is the world’s largest producer of tortilla products producing more than 75 million tortillas daily and a quarter of all tortillas throughout the world.


At Mission, our passion for producing the finest quality tortillas products that add real value to your menu spans more than 60 years, when our parent company, Gruma S.A of Monterrey, Mexico was founded.

Our founder, Don Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, has led the company to success in the tortilla market by sticking to his belief in creating a quality product – a principle continued by existing Chairman and President Juan Gonzalez Moreno. That’s why, whether it’s the corn for milling or the product flavouring, Mission Foods insists on using ingredients of the very highest quality.

We have a hand in managing every part of our business – most of the wheat and corn that we use comes from our own mills. We also design and manufacture bespoke processing machinery used in our bakeries.

We are committed to manufacturing excellence. Our production facilities are fully compliant and accredited with the latest industry standards ensuring you receive the highest quality flatbreads. We work closely with our suppliers so you can rest assured that the provenance of our products is 100% traceable when consumers ask you where your products come from.

With an unrivalled product portfolio of tortilla chips, wraps and other speciality flat breads, we provide consumers and foodservice operators with truly authentic and versatile products in more than 100 countries.

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