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  1. National Pub Food Challenge 2013

    March 21, 2013 No Comments Posted in Education, Foodservice Catering, Pubs & Restaurants

    Congratulations to So! Bar & Eats in Harrogate on winning Best Sandwich Offer in the National Pub Food Challenge 2013.

    This year, we were proud sponsors of the Best Sandwich Offer in the National Pub Food Challenge. Organised by The Publican’s Morning Advertiser, the competition had nine categories including Best Curry, Best Bar Snack and Best Dessert.

    Once all of the entries were in, the Publican’s Morning Advertiser had the hard job of whittling down the entries to just three finalists in the sandwich category. We were then invited to visit each of the finalists in our category to sample their sandwich offering and were extremely impressed by all. It was a close call, but So! Bar & Eats was chosen as the winner for their superb offering and celebrated with us at the winner’s lunch on Monday 18th March. Keep up the good work team!

    We were also delighted that some of our finalists have expressed interest in switching to Mission products! To find out how you could use our products to create a range of tasty dishes, click here for our recipe database.