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  1. 5 Top tips for business

    January 25, 2011 No Comments Posted in Education, Foodservice Catering, Industry Insight, Mission Foodservice, Pubs & Restaurants

    Here are Mission® Foodservice’s 5 top tips for business

    1. Adding a ‘free’ salad or chip garnish to a sandwich can add value for the consumer- Remember that Tortilla Chips are VAT exempt making them a cheaper, more profitable option then crisps.

    2. Wraps are a convenient option for hospitality platters; they do not stale as quickly as bread and therefore your platters will stay fresher for longer.

    3. If sandwiches form a key part of your offer, ensuring that you sell a balanced range of both traditional classic sandwiches and innovative specials will help to avoid ‘menu fatigue.’ Remember just changing the sandwich carrier will make a different eating experience for your customers.

    4. Consider adding low sodium items to your menu as, increasingly, diners are looking for healthier options when eating out – particularly in regards to salt levels. Mission Foods wraps contain 84% less sodium than the nearest competitor product, making them an ideal lower salt option when creating your menus.

    5. Tapas style dishes and sharing platters are still a key trend for 2011. Consider alternative breads such as Naan as an option for small plates – add cheese to a Garlic and Coriander Naan for a twist on traditional garlic bread, or use a plain naan as a base for an individual pizza.