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  1. Kick-off your spring menus this Easter with seasonal ingredients

    March 24, 2014 No Comments Posted in Foodservice Catering, Mission Foodservice, Pubs & Restaurants

    This year Easter Sunday falls on the 20th April, making it the perfect opportunity for chefs and caterers to launch a new and enticing spring menu.


    According to Technomic, 58% of consumers believe the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients make menu items appear more appealing1. Adding seasonal ingredients to your menu will advertise to consumers that your outlet uses fresh, high-quality produce. In April, for example, lamb, spring onions and rocket will feature prominently on menus as chefs and caterers make the most out of them during their peak season.

    Using seasonal meat and vegetables to fill tortilla wraps is the perfect way to introduce new ingredients. Technomic’s MenuMonitor revealed that spinach was 20% more popular in 2013 than it was the previous year, signalling its surging popularity with consumers2. These Spicy Lamb Kofta & Spinach Wraps with Honey Yoghurt is therefore, the perfect way to add lamb and spinach to your menus this Easter.

    Over the Easter period caterers will find themselves busier than usual. Here are our top tips for surviving the Easter rush;

    Mission Foods’ Top Tips for Easter

    • In order to generate footfall, create a great USP for your outlet by filling wraps, fresh on-site in order to attract new customers and impress existing ones

    • Advertise the fact that your offering is fresh and homemade, using advertising boards, table talkers and online platforms, in order to stand out from your competitors

    • Create meal deals by offering a wrap served with a salad or fries and a drink for a set price

    • Use accompaniments to ‘upsell’ the overall meal experience, such as side dishes and extras, to significantly support incremental sales

    Make the most of the Easter occasion by planning your menu early. For more Easter menu inspiration visit the Mission Foodservice recipe page, at

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