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  1. Mission Foods helps Benito’s Hat create UK’s biggest burrito

    December 9, 2011 No Comments Posted in Mission Foodservice, Pubs & Restaurants

    Visitors to Benito’s Hat Mexican Kitchen in London were treated to a rare sight this week – a 65-foot tortilla wrap. The biggest burrito ever seen in Britain was rolled to give a free lunch to Mexican food fans and raised money for homeless charity, StreetSmart.

    Just one man with a mission – and a kitchen – lay behind the colossal creation: Benito’s Hat head chef and partner Felipe Fuentes Cruz and Mission Foods was right there to support him every step of the way with our flour tortillas.

    Largest London Burrito

    Felipe single-handedly built the giant burrito, with musical accompaniment from a much-loved Mexican mariachi band.

    Containing more than 30kg of the freshest ingredients, the burrito was a supersize version of the best-selling chicken variety (with a vegetarian section to make sure all customers were happy).

    The giant burrito in numbers:

    • 100 Mission Foods Flour Tortillas
    • 11kg chicken
    • 5kg of fresh tomatoes
    • 3.5kg of tomatillos
    • 0.5kg of coriander

    Felipe said:

    “I’ve always loved the idea of making the biggest burrito possible on the streets of London, showing some love to the public. One of our mottos has always been ‘be generous’. By realising this dream both the public and those less well-off can benefit from our love of Mexican food.”