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  1. Mission Foodservice brings more choice to breakfast with Fruited Flatbreads

    September 6, 2012 No Comments Posted in Foodservice Catering, Industry Insight, Mission Foodservice

    Mission Foodservice has unveiled a new range consisting of three Fruited Flatbreads, allowing operators to drive breakfast and snack. The three flavours – Honey and Raisin, Berry and Seed and Orange and Cranberry – give consumers a low-fat option with an indulgent taste, suiting a range of occasions and appetites.

    Dave Edwards, Head of Sales for Mission Foodservice said: “Breakfast presents a real opportunity for operators; 21% of British consumers eat breakfast away from home and 8% do this at least once a week, yet there has been little innovation in the breakfast category in recent years and Mission Fruited Flatbreads will address this.

    “The new flatbreads breads offer a change from the usual breakfast menu items such as toast, croissants or Danish pastries, and with a fat content of less than 3% compared to a croissant at circa 25%, they also provide consumers with a significantly healthier option. They are crammed full of fruit (Cranberry & Orange) and seeds (Berry & Seed) and still remain a flavourful and indulgent treat.

    “When consumers are on the move, they’re looking for a quick, tasty, easy to handle product and preferably one that is a complete meal and good value for money. Mission Fruited Flatbreads fit the bill and we know this from the great feedback the range received during taste tests.

    “Mission Fruited Flatbreads were developed to give consumers a satisfying breakfast solution, but at the same time we also wanted to introduce a product that would work equally well later in the day as a snack and one that operators could add accompaniments to, creating a bigger meal with a higher price-point. We’re confident that the new range achieves this.”

    The new range was also designed to give operators ultimate convenience; the flatbreads can be thawed and served as is but also toasted from frozen, making the breakfast service as quick and simple as possible and meaning that operators don’t need to remember to defrost them the night before.

    They work well as a single breakfast item but are also ideal for operators needing to create an attractive breakfast buffet with minimum effort.

    The versatility of the range means they can be served alone or with any number of sweet or savoury toppings and this isn’t limited to breakfast; they are ideal alternatives to teacakes or scones as part on an afternoon tea, or served with ice-cream as part of an indulgent dessert.