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  1. Mission Foodservice revisits its Roots with New Authentic Burrito Tortilla

    November 25, 2011 No Comments Posted in Foodservice Catering, Industry Insight, Mission Foodservice, Pubs & Restaurants

    In conjunction with high-street Mexican restaurant chains Wahaca and Chilango, Mission Foodservice has launched the Authentic Burrito Tortilla, a thin, 30cm flour tortilla created to replicate the taste and texture of original burrito wrap developed in San Francisco, and enjoyed across Northern Mexico & California.
    The Authentic Burrito Tortilla is 20% thinner than traditional tortilla wraps, and as it’s a more authentic recipe, this means there is which means there’s a higher fat content, which adds to the overall flavour as well as the ‘rollability’ of the burrito.


    Fraser Chynoweth, Head of Foodservice UK and Ireland said: “We have seen a phenomenal growth in the popularity of burritos in the UK. Burritos are a huge part of ‘Tex Mex’ cuisine, with our name-sake area of San Francisco, The Mission, being the home of a large version, packed with beef and served with rice, beans and other toppings and hugely popular since the 1960’s. It seemed only fitting when wishing to make the best Burrito wrap available to our customers, to replicate this version.

    “Mexican food is growing massively in popularity in the UK at the moment. It’s the fastest growing cuisine in the UK, growing by 10-20% a year and already accounts for 15% of the market, third only to Indian and Chinese food. There is an excellent opportunity to grow sales by offering a good Mexican-influenced offering.”

    Wahaca founder Thomasina Miers said: ‘I was in California where I tried a burrito wrap that was very different to the one we can currently get a hold of in the UK – it was much thinner, it had an amazing flavour and so we’ve worked with Mission Foodservice to produce something much closer to the original, which I’m pleased to say we have done.’
    Luis Castro, Food Innovation Director at Chilango’s commented: “Our customers can imminently look forward to this latest offering from Mission – we recently trialed the new Burrito with a selection of ‘Burrito enthusiasts’: those who preferred the new recipe stated a real preference for it, loving the new flavour so we’re thrilled to add it to our menu.”

    The authentic Burrito tortilla is now available to caterers countrywide. Contact for information on the nearest distributor.