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  1. Serve Dads something special this Father’s Day

    May 21, 2014 No Comments Posted in Mission Foodservice

    Father’s Day, which this year falls on the 15th June, is fast becoming as popular as Mother’s Day when it comes to dining out. Chefs and caterers must prepare for the occasion by planning a menu that will appeal to the whole family.

    Catering for the whole family has never been more important with 49% of parents admitting to visiting a family-style eatery at least once a week1. Eating out on Father’s Day is therefore likely to be a popular choice and occasions such as this allow chefs and caterers to impress existing customers and attract new visitors. It is vital that outlets cater for every member of the family, but in order to guarantee return visits, they must understand the importance of catering for children. Children are increasingly seeking more modern and adult menu choices, because of their exposure to global flavours which are growing in popularity. Foodservice outlets must provide a range of flavours and textures that will appeal to the whole family.


    Mission Wraps are not only an alternative carrier to traditional bread, they’re a way of easily creating an exciting menu that can include dishes such as Quesadillas, Enchiladas and Burritos. Their versatility enables chefs to create a range of dishes using a multitude of different flavours and textures, allowing the whole family to experiment whilst offering the comfort of a carrier they are familiar with.

    In addition to our wide range of tortilla wraps, pittas and naans, at Mission we have a range of mini wraps (16cm rather than 25cm) which are ideal for children, and multi-grain and wholemeal tortillas which will appeal to parents.

    Designing ‘Build Your Own’ wrap boards is a great way to encourage consumers to try new flavours and will reduce stress in the kitchen that may arise from time pressures created by special occasions. They also provide families with an interactive activity to transform a typical eating out occasion into an experience the whole family will remember.

    Make sure you make the most of the occasion by planning your menu early. For Father’s Day menu inspiration visit the Mission Foodservice recipe page, at

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