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  1. Wrap up Christmas with Mission Foods

    November 19, 2013 No Comments Posted in Mission Foodservice

    At Mission Foods we understand that creating an innovative Christmas menu each year, whilst retaining traditional, festive flavour combinations, can be challenging. Our extensive recipe database includes a range of great-tasting festive dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. To entice both new and regular customers over the season, caterers must not be afraid to try something new and offer a twist on Christmas classics.

    Why not serve our wraps filled with delicious hot festive fillings, such as turkey and cranberry, as part of a sharing board. You could also create platters with a selection of fillings, wraps and accompaniments, encouraging customers to build their own Christmas wrap together at their table. Catering for large groups will encourage parties to visit over the festive season, increasing footfall, and this is also a great opportunity to secure future bookings for the New Year.

    To satisfy those with a sweet tooth we have come up with a twist on a Christmas classic that is bound to impress your customers; our Christmas Pudding Wraps with Brandy Dipping Custard Sauce. Served hot or cold these sumptuous mini wraps are an ideal dessert to share, but can also be served as an individual canapé at festive events. They can be prepared in advance, therefore helping to reduce time pressures in the kitchen.

    To make the most of Christmas, be sure to advertise these festive offerings in advance in order to attract new customers as well as your regulars. Make sure you highlight on your menu that you are preparing dishes fresh on-site to impress customers and send your sales soaring right into the New Year.