Tortilla Chips

your secret weapon against the VAT increase

Tortilla chips are VAT exempt, making them a more profitable sandwich garnish than potato crisps.

With our Mexican heritage it’s no surprise that Mission Foods
is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tortilla chips. The corn we use comes from our own mill in Ceggia, North East Italy, and has full traceability. Our commitment to quality corn and an authentic process that has remained unchanged for over 5,000 years ensures that we create perfectly textured tortilla chips that deliver the big flavour your customers will love.

Available in salted, chilli and cheese varieties, as triangles or rounds, and in a range of pack sizes. Whether served as nachos, with dips, or on their own, Mission tortilla chips are a tasty addition to any menu.

Tortilla chips are also VAT exempt making them a more profitable option than crisps – substitute potato crisps in favour of tortilla chips as a garnish to sandwiches and increase your profit per plate.

Key Benefits

1. Cooked in sunflower oil
2. Full traceability of corn
3. Significantly longer shelf life than crisps

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