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Keeping children interested in their food at meal times while offering nutritionally balanced solutions on a limited budget can be very trying for school caterers.

Mission Foods understands the pressures that school cooks face and we have a range of products to meet your specific needs. Wraps are growing in popularity in schools because they offer a different experience and are viewed as more exciting than the traditional sandwich. Their pliability make them perfect for a range of fillings from coronation chicken to Mediterranean vegetables.

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Hampshire County and Mission Foods

a winning relationship

Hampshire County has been using Mission Foods products with great success as John Foskett, principal buyer for Hampshire County Council Catering Services explains:

What sets Mission apart from its competitors?

Mission Foods has a clean deck product and it is essential for our caterers that there are no unwelcome and unnecessary additives as Hampshire has its menus accredited by the HASCG.

What have you personally enjoyed in the working relationship?

We enjoy dedicated representation and benefit from special offers

Which Mission products do you currently use and why?

10″ Tortilla Wraps to match high street deli bar offerings and 8″ Tortilla Wraps that are more suitable for primary school children’s appetites

Evelyn Cook, who is responsible for menu development at Hampshire County Council Catering Services as the Food Development Officer, has successfully integrated wraps into school menus. She explains:

How have you incorporated wraps into your menu?

In primary schools we use wraps for cold served items and picnic lunches as well has hot main courses. In secondary schools we use them in a variety of ways include our deli bar menu

What has been the most successful recipe on your menu?

Cold coronation chicken wraps are the clear favourites on our menus

How versatile are wraps? Why do you like working with them?

Wraps are incredibly versatile – they can be used hot or cold, are stackable, can be used as a base (e.g., pizza) and make various shapes

Why would you recommend that schools include them on their menus?

It is a product that children are familiar with and undoubtedly like. They see it in restaurants and have at them home, so it allows our menu to compete with the high street