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Mexican food is currently the fastest growing ethnic cuisine in the UK and according to the latest market reports this trend is set to continue for some time to come.

You don’t need a large kitchen to add a Mexican flavour to your pub menu. Add nachos as a sharing platter option. They can be prepared in the microwave and offer a really good margin.

Think big by adding tacos, quesadillas (toasted Mexican sandwiches), enchiladas and burritos.

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Why use wraps on your menu?

Sarah Thomas, Head of Food at the Orchid Pub Group explains how she’s used wraps as part of their Living Room menus:

“At the Living Room we currently offer two wraps, chicken Caesar and shredded crispy duck and hoisin. Both are served with an edamame bean salad garnish to keep the meal light and fresh. Offering wraps gives our customers more choice, especially at lunchtime, It’s gone down very well, particularly with females looking for a lighter lunch option.”