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  1. Beat the VAT increase

    January 24, 2011 No Comments Posted in Industry Insight, Pubs & Restaurants

    The VAT increase, Christmas overspending and the lingering headlines of double-dip recession are putting strain on consumer pockets, but we have three pieces of good news that can help you maximise profits and drive footfall.

    Tortilla chips unlike crisps are VAT exempt and Mission produce a range of long life and frozen tortillas on genuine Mexican presses, using only the finest ingredients. Our frozen range doesn’t contain any preservatives and by defrosting packs only as you need them, it significantly reduces wastage.

    The other good news is that sharing platters and small plates have grown in popularity and you can use these factors to your advantage by offering tortilla chips instead of crisps as a VAT-free special sharing platter.

    Click here to learn more and see our range.